Termites can be invasive and are a problem throughout Australia but are particularly common in hot, wet areas.

Pest Controllers in this region call it the ‘Termite Capital’ and advise that annual termite inspections are a must.


According to CSIRO data and the Australian Pest Control Association National Survey, termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, flood, storm and tempest combined.

Importantly, the standard Home and Building Insurance Policy won’t cover the repair costs of termite infested structural and decorative timbers. For that and other obvious reasons, it is highly recommended you have Termite Inspections on your home at least every 12 months.

To maintain the value of your property and rest assured your asset is protected, Termite Inspections coupled with practical prevention measures are the way to go for good home maintenance and is far less costly than cure.

Annual Termite Inspections include:

  • Identifying potential entry points to timber structures.
  • inspecting termite treated zones for any bridging or breaching by termites e.g. trails of mud or ‘galleries’.
  • checking perimeter weep holes (the open vertical joints in brickwork. That allow water out and free flow of air through wall cavities) in brick walls just above concrete slabs or just below suspended floors.
  • assessment of any conducive conditions that are likely to attract termites to the structure e.g. rotting timber, water leaks, high moisture levels and any timber stored against or under the structure.

When was the last Termite Inspection on your home?

If you haven’t had a Termite Inspection of your home in the last 12 months, we invite you to call us on 0466 616 531 to book your inspection now. So depending on the time of year we might have special offers.

So we are fully licensed and insured Timber Pest Inspectors. We conduct a thorough inspection of your Perth home. Our service includes a comprehensive written report in accordance with Australian Standard 3660.2-2000. Call us for a fantastic price and a quality service