Every quality Pest control company offer specials to help the consumer with there pest control needs. We base our specials around the different seasons of the year. Therefore as an example, we are heading into winter. So when the cold weather comes the rodents are looking for a warm place to build a home. So keeping the rodents out of your roof space is very important.

Several reasons to get rid of pests when specials are on

Why you might ask, To reduce the amount of damage done within your roof space such as damage cabling ect. A lot of homes now have security systems and smart wiring applications. You also don’t want to hear the scampering of little feet through the night running across ceilings. also if rats are present they can do more damage and will be a thump across the roof.

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Plan ahead and avoid the damage

Like every good plan prevention is the logical choice to minimise the damage and inconvenience of out of control pest infestation. Spend a few hundred dollar to avoid a bill of thousands when the damage has been done. So call us and find out what the latest special is. We also give discounts for pensioners all year around so mention the add and ask for the discount.

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Ask about our mainteance plan specials

We are always happy to reward loyal and proactive customers who sign up and commit to our maintenance plans. So the yearly inspection service we offer will help reduce large infestations of pests and minimise any damage with early detection of any problems.