Active Pest Control

Active pest control is important for any Perth home. Because at different times of the year some pests are more active than others. As an example when the cold weather starts mice like to find a warm place to hide. The mice are a lot more active and present when animals are kept on sites. Animals like chickens or guinea pigs and horses. Because they go in search of uneaten food.

Active Pest control Perth

Annual Pest control inspections

Having an annual pest inspection is a good start to maintaining your active pest control in Perth. As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure. So the same applies to keep away unwanted pests. Ensure you use a reputable company that is well experienced and uses the latest technics. Do your homework and make sure you do a google search. Because this will increase the likely hood you will get a trustworthy company. Having a yearly treatment will reduce the likely hood of spiders and insects causing issues around your home.

Who pays for the pests when renting a home

Pest control specials

I have a lot of people ask me who is responsible for the cost of pest control when renting a home. The simple answer is the owner of the home unless it is stated differently in the lease. Personally, if I was the homeowner I would ensure to get a yearly inspection for several reasons.

  • You are protecting your asset
  • The yearly inspection or any treatment you have would be tax deductable
  • Safer for your tenants with spiders and unwanted pests

If you are considering renting a home ask when the last pest inspection was performed. This will ensure there are no hidden problems for you to encounter after you move in.

I would insist on a pest inspection report when buying a home.

When buying a home, 2 reports I would recommend getting. A building inspection report and a pest inspection report. The reason being as an example termites will leave traces around timber if they are active. This could cost thousands of dollars if they are left untreated.

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